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Me & Fred are singer-songwriters Robin May and Fredrika Buchanan. They live in Arnside, Cumbria.

Both Robin and Freddie began their musical journeys as rockers, during their teens. Robin transitioned through being a hippy, living at Molesworth Peace Camp during the early eighties, prior to immersing himself in the blues for many years. He built and ran a recording studio for half a decade into the nineties, during which time he dropped defining his tastes by any one genre and has dabbled with most musical styles as a guitarist.

Freddie spent over a decade as a folk music enthusiast and has been on the organising committee for three UK festivals, likewise expanding her musical tastes to include most styles and genres.

They bring these rich musical backgrounds to Me & Fred and believe their strength lies in the way they weave elements of all styles into their indie-folk music. Whilst songs such as ‘Sweet Anticipation’ and ‘There’ are folk songs, ‘Gimme a Reason’ is undoubtedly a blues song, ‘Blame is so Absurd’ has a reggae vibe and elements of rock run throughout songs such as ‘Movin’ On’ and ‘The Way’. Robin has been known to joke that ‘New Beginning’ is Freddie’s pop song!

Robin and Freddie fell in love over Christmas 2016 and just over a year later, on April 9th 2018, Me & Fred was formed. As Christmas 2018 approached Robin asked, “How about we do some recording over the Christmas break?” Four months later they released their debut album, ‘Sweet Anticipation’, on their 1st birthday.

They have decided to release one song from the album, as a music video and via social media, each month. That will take them to their 2nd birthday, at which time they plan to release their 2nd album. They’ve already written half the songs for album number two and are in danger of becoming prolific!


Me & Fred’s debut album, Sweet Anticipation, was released on 9th April 2019 – timed perfectly to coincide with their first birthday.

Listen and download to the album in full here:

“Real people, playing real instruments from the heart.”
Roger Williams, A World Of Difference radio show

“Sweet Anticipation” is the first release from Me & Fred’s debut album

“…nice work on the album..some tasty solos in there…it sounds really great!
When my next album is completed, I’ll be very pleased if it comes out that well. You did a great job recording and mixing, I must say…I’m impressed.” 

Jack Hartley, Singer-songwriter

Our second release: “New Beginning”

Love this. Love the addition of other instruments. Also inventiveness of many of the guitar parts. Enjoyed all of Freddie’s deeply felt melodies. An enviable partnership!
David Templer
London Film-makers’ Co-op

Release number 3 from our debut album: “Blame is So Absurd”

An excellent album – thoroughly recommend it.”
Rick Stuart, Roots & Fusion Radio Show

“Why” is our fourth release

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